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Cindy Courson, Founder


Cindy was born and raised in Orange County CA.  Her passion and vibrant approach to design has evolved from this Southern Californian coastal environment and is complemented by her constant pursuit of what is new and fresh.  She is ever visually inspired with all things in art, design, retail and restaurant culture -- and enjoys bringing that in to her work.

After studying Interior Architectural Design and Fine Art at CSULB, Cindy’s experience working within global firms HOK and SDA, where she focused on commercial design and branding for companies such as Volvo and Land Rover, allowed her to live and understand design at a corporate level.  These days she revels in the more personal side of design, where she truly enjoys getting to know her clients and applying a more individual approach to her craft.


"I always ask questions...love to hear people’s stories and experiences!   I make sure to internalize all that I observe and learn.  I love communicating ideas, reflecting personalities and expressing one's lifestyle through design"  -Cindy 

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